A water hyacinth is an aquatic plant which floats on the surface of a lake or pond, much like a water lily. Unlike water lilies, however, the hyacinth is not rooted in the soil; it floats freely with its roots hanging several inches below the surface. The soil-less nature of the water hyacinth may seem unremarkable, but only until we explore the implications of such a trait.

Because a water hyacinth’s roots are not in the soil, the plant must receive all of its nourishment from the water in which it floats. This means that every element and nutrient required to make a reproducing, photosynthesizing plant is present in that water. In essence, a water hyacinth is made out of water.

Now let’s go over what we’ve learned about water hyacinths and the origin of babies¬†to decipher what this implies¬†about the genesis of humans.

  1. Babies are made out of food.
  2. Water hyacinths are made from water.
  3. Plants are made out of dirt.
  4. Animals are made out of plants, which are dirt.
  5. Humans are made from animals and plants, which are made out of dirt.
  6. Humans are made from dirt.
  7. God rested.

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