The Actual Real Truth about Climate Change

People think that liberals are pushing climate change because liberals believe the world is going to end, and they also think that conservatives don’t believe that climate change is even happening. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

For a moment, let’s stop paying attention to what members of these groups are saying and instead examine their behavior.  If conservatives really thought that climate change was a myth, then why are they generally located toward the interior of the country? Why aren’t they taking advantage of low land costs along the coast? What possible reason could they have for living far from the ocean? After all, the sea levels aren’t rising.

In addition to avoiding the coast, conservatives are also far more likely to own guns than liberals are. Is it really a coincidence that they are stockpiling weapons as we race toward a climate cataclysm?

And why is it that conservatives, who tend to be religious and buy into conspiracies, are rejecting the apocalyptic predictions of climate scientists? After all, they have no problem buying into the idea that the world coming to an end, and even that it will end with fire. What could possibly be motivating them to reject a prophecy that confirms their religious notions?

Here’s the real truth about climate change: conservatives know that it’s real. Not only that, but they know that it’s too late to do anything about it. On top of that, they deny climate change so that they can accumulate all of the land and weapons for themselves. They’re trying to keep the panic under control so that they can quietly set themselves up for the apocalypse that they have been predicting for two thousand years. Contrary to what liberals claim, conservatives aren’t evil because they don’t think climate change is real – they’re evil because they know it’s coming, but they’re telling everyone else that everything is fine.

But if this is really true, then why are liberals, the ones who are constantly going on about climate change, buying land near the coast and trying to ban weapons? Why is Al Gore, champion of the climate change movement, buying oceanfront property? Is it because of their faith in humanity to resolve the climate crisis? Hardly.

Here’s the actual real truth about climate change: liberals don’t really believe it’s real. If they did, they wouldn’t be paying high prices for oceanfront property, and they wouldn’t be protesting nuclear and hydroelectric energy development. But if they don’t believe in climate change, then what possible reason could they have to push it? The answer is that they know that a large portion of the population, particularly those susceptible to apocalyptic predictions, will buy into the idea, move to the interior of the country, acquire weapons, and make themselves look like lunatics by denying climate science. Liberals aren’t evil because they push the climate change agenda – they’re evil because they know the crisis isn’t coming, but they’re telling everyone else to panic.