Ethnic City

A multicultural society is one which is ethnically diverse, where a population is comprised of a variety of unique cultures. Ethnic diversity is generally agreed to be a positive thing, since it’s believed to promote tolerance by allowing us to experience different cultures. Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful and wonderful we find multiculturalism, it will inevitably consume itself.

What proponents of multiculturalism fail to realize is that the primary causes for the broad spectrum of culture in our world are isolation and intolerance. Cultural differences only exist because of segregation of different groups of people. War, oppression, famine, disaster and opportunity have caused the perpetual migration of these groups throughout history. This migration results in the evolution of culture through a sort of unnatural selection.

This artificial evolution also occurs on the genetic level, since the interbreeding of races obscures their defining attributes. Organizations that promote multiculturalism often use contrived images depicting simplified human figures of varying color working in harmony, often sharing platonic physical contact. Ironically, these colors only exist because of reproductive isolation.

Populations are constantly converging and dispersing in a cycle of cultural rebirth. Like the mythical Ouroboros, culture is self-consuming, yet never consumed. The shifting and blending of cultures produces new and distinct identities while destroying others. However, globalization has interrupted this cycle, causing the amalgamation of once disconnected populations, which will inevitably dilute the features that distinguish them, dooming the world’s population to eventually merge into one homogeneous culture and race.

If we really value different cultures, then we should support segregation. However, since segregation is considered bigoted and closed-minded, there’s only one thing left to do: spread glorious convergence to the entire world.

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