Children often fantasize about living in worlds that they see in movies, television shows, or video games, though adults are not above this method of escaping reality. These worlds are appealing because they offer a clear distinction between right and wrong, a simplified view of the world and they are usually wrapped up nicely with a happy ending. One of the worlds that many children longed to experience was the world of Pokemon. They imagined how awesome it would be to travel around town capturing critters and leveling up their Charmander, then roasting some poor kid’s Bulbasaur. Vine Whip ftl.

Now before you allow your thoughts to wander back to this imaginary world, you should know something. This world does exist! You can choose your companion, feed him, train him, teach him to fight. Then, once he is strong, you can battle other people’s pets and enjoy the sweet juicy taste of victory.

It’s called dog fighting.

Dog fighting is almost identical to training and battling with Pokemon, but instead of cute little animals speaking gibberish as they shoot water at each other, we have dogs ripping each other’s throats. Instead of battling at the local Pokemon Gym, fights take place in poorly lit basements on blood-stained concrete. Instead of winning respect of the town for your victories, you win some cash and then get suspended from the NFL, and instead of taking your losing pet to the PokeCenter, you drown or shoot it.

Parents, if you hate dog fighting do not let your children play Pokemon games or watch the television show.

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