Eye Swatter

Humans drink many different liquids for many different reasons. We consume things like juice and soda for the sweet flavor, coffee and energy drinks to stimulate coagulated minds and we drink alcohol to excuse lewd behavior. There are also beverages which promote health, such as herbal tea and meal replacements, but there’s one fluid that reigns supreme as the undisputed liquid champion of the world: water. More specifically, water served from the tap over ice.

The advantages of ice water:

  1. Contains no chemicals, sweeteners, food coloring, etc.
  2. Doesn’t produce empty bottles or cans.
  3. Renewable supply which requires no agriculture or mining.
  4. Hydrates the body. Contains more water per litre than any other drink.
  5. Doesn’t stain or smell when spilled.
  6. Doesn’t require refrigeration.
  7. When the ice melts, the water doesn’t get watered down, or does it?
  8. Doesn’t have an expiry date.
  9. Doesn’t require stirring. When you get to the bottom of the glass, the water is just as watery as when you started.
  10. Cheapest drink you can buy.
  11. Doesn’t harm teeth or gums.
  12. Doesn’t cause heartburn or indigestion.
  13. Available in every home. Also falls from the sky.

Never again may you wonder what to drink.

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