The Age of Space

While staying up late on a weeknight watching infomercials, you may have heard the term space-age to describe the material comprising the product being pitched. This expression is used to induce a tantalizing, futuristic association with the product, inferring that this product is far ahead of its time. Of course, these claims are not to be taken literally, for we know that these products actually came from the present and not from… wait, when exactly is the Space Age?

When someone uses the term space-age, they may be referring to one of several periods in history. It could be the launch of the Soviet satellite, Sputnik, in 1957, or the first journey of a human into outer space in 1961. Maybe they’re talking about the space race during the 60’s, or the lunar landing in 1969. Whatever the case, they aren’t selling you a forty-pound microwave made from solid American steel, but maybe they should.

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