Hose & Bucket

If someone asked you to fill a bucket with water from a tap, your options for doing this are very limited. You must simply rest the bucket under the tap and allow the water flow into the bucket. But if someone asked you to fill a bucket with water from a hose, how would you do it? Basically, you have two options:

  1. Hold the hose above the bucket, allowing the water to fall a short distance into the bucket. This method can produce splash-back and there is potential for the water to miss the bucket entirely.
  2. Put the hose in the bucket. This method requires less effort, is less messy and does not require you to aim. Since the hose is inside the bucket there is almost no chance that the water will not land in the bucket. Also, since the water is not falling as far, there is little or no splash-back.

So the question is which is the better method for filling the bucket?

The correct answer is that everyone should sit down when they pee. Just because guys have a hose does not mean that the bucket should be filled any differently.

Another consequence of standing while peeing is additional noise. This method is much more audible than sitting and most of us would rather not hear that sound.

Standing also instigates the battle over toilet seat position, which has driven many relationships to ruin.

Just in case it’s not clear, here’s a comparison:

Come on, guys. Put the hose in the bucket.

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