Stealing from Thieves

When stocking up on provisions at the local grocer, we are often bouncing around from section to section, crossing items off our list one by one. Unfortunately, in our haste we might walk past an essential ingredient in tomorrow night’s dinner without even realizing it and we are forced to, somewhat embarrassingly, turn around and go grab it. But we don’t want to rotate our kart in the narrow, crowded aisle just to get one measly carrot that’s infected with measles or a crumby loaf of bread, so we abandon our vessel of victuals and swiftly stride back to the omitted ingredient.

As you walk away from the kart, you make sure to remain within sight of it, suspiciously glancing back every few seconds. But why all this glancing? There is no reason to be concerned about the grocery kart. The groceries you have chosen are not unique or superior to other groceries in the store, and, unless you brought a child, you don’t own anything in your kart anyway, so there is no reason for someone to take form it. Even if someone wanted to steal something, there is no ownership until the time of purchase, so there can be no theft inside the store.

Go ahead, leave your kart. No one will take your food.

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