Super Best

Wedding parties are made up of bridesmaids and groomsmen selected by the bride and groom respectively. There are usually three to five on each side, and one of them is recognized as being of special importance. On the bride’s side it is her maid of honor, while the groom has his best man.

Sometimes the bride or groom have difficulty selecting someone for the special position. They do not want to insult the other bridesmaids or groomsmen by elevating one above the others. Sometimes they attempt to resolve the issue by designating more than one member to the top tier, but by doing so they devalue these special ranks and further insult the members who were not chosen. If you are one of four groomsmen and you aren’t chosen as the best man, you may be disappointed, but you take comfort in knowing that the groom was forced to only choose one person, which means you could have been a close second. However, if groom selects two best men and you are not one of them, then it means you were his third choice at best. Imagine what it would be like to be the only member not selected as a best man!

So you don’t want to insult anyone in your wedding party, but you want to have a maid of honor or best man? The solution is simple: elevate all of your bridesmaids to maid of honor or groomsmen to best man. By doing this, you give special recognition to everyone and no one feels left out. Then, if you still want to recognize one person above the others, you can designate that person as mega maid of honor or super best man.

Catastrophe averted.

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