If you’ve ever done plumbing or electrical work, then you’re familiar with the function of connectors and fasteners. Each connection requires two parts, one which has a protruding section and one which has a receptacle for its protruding counterpart. Connecting these components involves inserting or screwing the protruding section into the receptacle. Nothing suspicious here, right? Well, unfortunately for upstanding, moral individuals, this innocent mechanical procedure has been corrupted by a perverse analogy.

Connectors and fasteners are named after male and female genitalia. That’s right, by simply plugging a prong into a socket you are emulating the act of sexual intercourse. Apparently copulation is the best comparison for such devices and mechanical motions.

What vulgar adolescent was given the right to name these parts? Now we are doomed to endure endless crude comments and sly smirks from the simple-minded in addition to the continuous onslaught of that’s what she said jokes.

There’s no need of more opportunities to be subjected vile things. It’s likely that we can’t even connect LEGO pieces without feeling like a sex pervert.

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